The best curved stair lifts in North America

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The finest curved stairlifts in the world

Butler-Hawle is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of Hawle curved stair lifts. Hawle makes the finest, most dependable curved stair lift in the world. Reliable German engineering and quality manufacturing ensure that every stair lift produced meets strict quality requirements. Capable of tackling stairs with gradients of up to 75°, no stair lift maker in the world compares to what you get with a Butler-Hawle lift in terms of quality, reliability, and customer service.

Quality is our top priority

The Hawle stairlift is economically priced and powerful, while maintaining bulletproof reliability. There is no other stairlift on the market that can match the amount of versatility and customer satisfaction like the Hawle. Each stairlift is constructed from high quality materials, carefully considered for the intended application. Wether it be indoors or outdoors, Butler-Hawle is the only solution you will ever need.

Brilliant Design

After a sophisticated computerized survey is taken at the location, each Hawle stairlift is custom designed to fit your application and needs at a state of the art facility in Germany.

Quality Construction

Butler-Hawle constructed stairlifts are the strongest in North America, capable of carrying 350lbs. and withstanding the elements.


Each stairlift is capable of operating in spaces as narrow as 30 inches wide, and is attached to the stairs instead of the wall to reduce installation costs.

Fit & Finish

The Hawle stairlift is available in a variety of colors and finishes to ensure that your lift looks as good in your home as it performs.